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Me, myself and I

4th of Sep..
just a gurl tat has her own identity with loads of thoughts as well as memories that can never be forgotten nor ignored.. someone with the passion to dance n just let loose once in a while, hoping for a miricle, a chance to shine thorough the darkness.. of course, i have people who lov me for who i am... loads of loving cousins, family n friends.. therfore, im blessed. nothin iz perfect, i don't deny. i don't ask for much, even though life can seem really unfair sometimes.. i am not hating it, but trying to lov everythin i have.. =)


wad will a 18 year old gurl desire for?
basically EVERYTHING she can get her hands on..
i want a life.
a hot body..
a million bucks..
experience snow..
owning a private beach..
owning a pair of Monolos..
to eat all the food i LOVE.
ppl to love me for who i m..
getting to know new people..
back-stabers to back off me..
a one way trip to Mauratious..
loads of prezzies on my b'day..
having all the clothes i adore..
a perfectly done medi, pedicure..
loads of cute guys for me to droll on..
a chance to dance in front of millions..
get to travel the WHOLE world backpacking..
a teen star falling head over heels with me..
an unlimited flow of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream..
a prada bag. *fendi iz oso an acceptable choice..
a decent job which doesn't involve child labour. *YeaSh*
owning a guy who pampers n LuRve me4 who im as my bf.. *wink*



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SheeNa *
PeggY *
Elmo *
HarNg-Y *
SionG LenG *
PeI LiN *
YinG LinG *
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ElliE *
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Eric *
BooN ShaN *


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Saturday, September 04, 2010

i think.. it's the first birthday I've ever cried. it's a really horrible feeling.Something, i shouldn't be feeling if i was loved. im left alone, again.

it's only 1am. just an hour after and i am really unhappy. unhappy with the things in life, unhappy with the fact that things always don't go in the way i'd like it to be. i can't seem to please everyone. i can't seem to make a stand for myself, to do what i think it's right. i simply love them all too much to hurt a party.

i do wonder at times.. izzit fate or izzit meant to be? am i just unfortunate or am i just someone lousy to be with?

if someone says he loves me, how would i really know it's true?

if someone says he'd never make me cry, should i really believe him?

i really can't understand myself well, why am i still the one in tears?

ironically, ppl say the happiest day in a year would most likely be your birthday. for me, it ain't. not now. not today.

i had a suprise.
i had one.

guess i don't deserve, do i?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Get well soon b :)

i miss u.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I've watched transformer!! *wee!!*

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tis morning im feeling rather emo-ish. Ish. Ish. ish. Woke up with an aching body. N i got a semi-sore red eye.

N tat's just the begining.

DRAGGED myself to the bathroom n started washing up. Realised i had 2minor cuts on my arm n leg. *ouch*

can't wear my contacts coz my eyes r still sore. Ish.
came down to the kitchen, mom was being emo too as my stupid sisters want each other's life at six in the freakin morning. Double ish.

n being the cheery on top of the ice cream, there's full of shit in me still.

To whoever out there, pls understand n not kacau the pmsing gurl. Yes, im having pre-menstrual-syndrome too :)

i'd bite.


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Honestly i wouldn't think i'd discover something new today.. It revolves around one's behavior, particulary being selfish.

it might not b the right word for tat individual or for some parties but i truely believe selfishness is only the explainable explanation.

ain't no matter if tat person's someone u know for a long long time or a person tat u knew 5min ago.. Selfishness is within one's self n it can only be seen..

we pay attention.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

OMG. Some random guy's plucking out strands of mustache(s) with 2 ten cent coins.

please spare me god. It's irritating enough to be stuck in a massive jam n NOW u torture me with a man who is STILL plucking his you-know-what more intensively now, despite the fact tat im finishing this post.

spare me god.

Monday, April 20, 2009

*eyes rolling*

Quote of the week

'Too much love makes you sick'

My parents.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

I caught a flamenco performance yesterday in the dewan philharmonic theater.. Went as an 'oba-sang' with four young pretty gurls.. N of course b. Haha.. He's quite the odd one, as he doesn't dance.. But i have to admit, he looked good in formal


im really glad he agreed to go.. To b there holding me while i limp back to the car (i've got four blisters- orange heels. LOL.)

it meant so much to me, thanks b =)

anyhoo.. The performance was all right.. It's quite amazing when they combine a few simple things in life.. Say.. Guitars, tapping feet, clicking fingers, clapping hands n singing.. It sounded good tho i didn't understand a word they sang.. Mayb just maria n OLEH ! XD

overall, nice experience to share with my b. Hehe.. Seeing him bore to death while still trying hard to keep his eyelids open. I can get use to that cute face XD

Monday, March 16, 2009

Didn't managed to sleep well last night.. Some stuff happened with b n i.. Really minor but still.. :)

ali was having a hard time sleeping after watching slumdog millionaire.. She was freaked out with the making-poor-boy-blind-part. Guess she's worried tat it might happen to her.. Poor ali. So last night, she squeezed with me on my bed-very small single sized.. I held her hand until she slept.. While i stayed half awake..

drifted to a dreamless sleep at last but woke up at five with a tummy ache. Woke up again at six, seven n now eight.

lucky me?