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Me, myself and I

4th of Sep..
just a gurl tat has her own identity with loads of thoughts as well as memories that can never be forgotten nor ignored.. someone with the passion to dance n just let loose once in a while, hoping for a miricle, a chance to shine thorough the darkness.. of course, i have people who lov me for who i am... loads of loving cousins, family n friends.. therfore, im blessed. nothin iz perfect, i don't deny. i don't ask for much, even though life can seem really unfair sometimes.. i am not hating it, but trying to lov everythin i have.. =)


wad will a 18 year old gurl desire for?
basically EVERYTHING she can get her hands on..
i want a life.
a hot body..
a million bucks..
experience snow..
owning a private beach..
owning a pair of Monolos..
to eat all the food i LOVE.
ppl to love me for who i m..
getting to know new people..
back-stabers to back off me..
a one way trip to Mauratious..
loads of prezzies on my b'day..
having all the clothes i adore..
a perfectly done medi, pedicure..
loads of cute guys for me to droll on..
a chance to dance in front of millions..
get to travel the WHOLE world backpacking..
a teen star falling head over heels with me..
an unlimited flow of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream..
a prada bag. *fendi iz oso an acceptable choice..
a decent job which doesn't involve child labour. *YeaSh*
owning a guy who pampers n LuRve me4 who im as my bf.. *wink*



IaN *
SheeNa *
PeggY *
Elmo *
HarNg-Y *
SionG LenG *
PeI LiN *
YinG LinG *
Ee SooN *
ElliE *
Ee LinG *
Eric *
BooN ShaN *


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Sunday, December 28, 2008

counting down the days till the year 2009.
exactly 4days from today, which is the 28Th of December 08'

time flies.


i had a WONDERFUL year, i must say..

i turned 18, my 1st diamond (hoping for more *LOL*), fell in love, fell outta love, dipping into the dirty river in kajang, touching a cockroach, DISSECTING a cockroach and a BAT, had loads of PMS-es, being REALLY emo, heard 'realise' and a few other half-way songs via the Internet, i sang (whispered)via the Internet, played mahjong though out the night till 7am, worked for the 1st time, being in s'pore alone - away from my family for 2months, got my licence, screwed up my front gate by knocking it WITH my reversing car (don't ask me about it), got to know i had quite a few new nicknames which includes (cookie monster, gummy bear,angel- *i always am one, fyi*), recorded 2 singles for the 1st time (thank you Ellie), went through bleeding toes and aching feet to achieve a distinction in my ballet intermediate examination (BANGGA), studied my ass off for lower6, not looking forward to study in bilik kuliah next year, NOT looking forward either to wake up at 6am in a week's time but looking forward for a better 2009 which doesn't involve war and the stupid recession (highly unlikely - *bummer* =[ ).

i have new year resolutions but i think I'd keep it to myself this time. before i end this post, which MAYBE the last one for the year 2008, i thank you for being around me throughout 2008, merry christmas and a happy new year.

Love all of u guys,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry christmas.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

it's 1.30am.

another five and a half hours more.

I'd have fried rice waiting for you tomorrow at noon.
so please, be there.

Love you.

Friday, December 19, 2008

somebody posted a competition with me-spongebob.

but i think i won.

mine's better.

MUCH better.


it's MUCH MUCH MUCH better !

u may ask why there isn't a copy of the competitor, well.... i personally believe there isn't a need to and.......

oh, never mind.

you win.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I hope 30% of the guys looking upon these photos, KNOWS exactly what it is.

Gurls, no excuses if u don't.

Women like GG for the same reason boys like Star Wars.


Maybe because it takes us to indulge in our darkest fantasies which we most likely come by only in La La Land.


As boys dream of playing with long lightsticks that can kill or perhaps cut a person into pieces *( IRONIC betul )*
Women on the other hand, dream of wearing $10,000 dresses while looking picture perfect 24/7.

Star Wars for Chicks, anyone?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

i was recently given a personality quiz regrading which cartoon character am i. and i am officially the SPONGE-Y BOB, SQUARE PANTS ! !

it was pure coincidence tho, as i drew the masterpiece of mine a few months ago in bio class. sorry la puan sang, sometimes i seriously have no clue about wad u're talking about.. so i guess i was dreaming about LA-LA land where I'm an angel who somehow has a sponge for a body.
kinda freaky.

anyway, as i was saying.. after doodling, i showed it to my friends and as expected, i had a pat on my shoulder for my GREAT achievement. (*perasan*)

one thing i gotta admit tho, it WAS quite embarrassing when i realised that spongebob has only 2 legs instead of 4.

Spare me.

How's my doodling in class?

Classic eh?