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Me, myself and I

4th of Sep..
just a gurl tat has her own identity with loads of thoughts as well as memories that can never be forgotten nor ignored.. someone with the passion to dance n just let loose once in a while, hoping for a miricle, a chance to shine thorough the darkness.. of course, i have people who lov me for who i am... loads of loving cousins, family n friends.. therfore, im blessed. nothin iz perfect, i don't deny. i don't ask for much, even though life can seem really unfair sometimes.. i am not hating it, but trying to lov everythin i have.. =)


wad will a 18 year old gurl desire for?
basically EVERYTHING she can get her hands on..
i want a life.
a hot body..
a million bucks..
experience snow..
owning a private beach..
owning a pair of Monolos..
to eat all the food i LOVE.
ppl to love me for who i m..
getting to know new people..
back-stabers to back off me..
a one way trip to Mauratious..
loads of prezzies on my b'day..
having all the clothes i adore..
a perfectly done medi, pedicure..
loads of cute guys for me to droll on..
a chance to dance in front of millions..
get to travel the WHOLE world backpacking..
a teen star falling head over heels with me..
an unlimited flow of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream..
a prada bag. *fendi iz oso an acceptable choice..
a decent job which doesn't involve child labour. *YeaSh*
owning a guy who pampers n LuRve me4 who im as my bf.. *wink*



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SheeNa *
PeggY *
Elmo *
HarNg-Y *
SionG LenG *
PeI LiN *
YinG LinG *
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Sunday, November 05, 2006

sometimes things happen.. tat's somethin perfectly normal.. but sometimes... life juz don't go the way u wan it 2 b.. there's times where i questioned myself.. wad M i doin? y M i doin tis? i can't seem2 give myself a reason. wad r the answers 2 these questions? im juz so confused sometimes.. some of my frens ask me2 4get n move on.. not think bout the past.. bout wad happened.. but if u put yourself n my shoes.. will u do so too? i doubt it.
sometimes i feel as if i've been cheated. cheated not only by ppl, but oso some other elements n life. sometimes i wonder if i had taken or did tat.. will it change everything i have now? where would i actually b? u see, more questions without answers...
but lyk wad said in da poem of the road not taken, it's said tat one iz always given chances in life... it's up to u 2 choose any 1 of them.. but if u've decided 2 give up on it.. don't ever look back. see the future n b fair by not comparing.. im human too. i have feelings.. not every1's perfect, sometimes when im down, i try 2act as if nothin happend.. it's all on da surface.. im a living mask, i'd say.
life's unfair, i noe..
things said can't b taken back, i noe..

we can't turn back time, i noe..
but why?
some of u may think it's some kinda message im tryin 2 tell but it's not tat simple. it's somethin happening in my life rite now.. family, peers, skool, love, lust.. r the things revolving around me.. i juz hope i can finally understand the stuff happening.. these r problems tat often occur in the life of a teen.. im sure of tat.. so pls, those who read wad i wrote.. don't jump into conclusions..
it ain't wad u thought it iz, trust me.
it's juz a part of me.