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4th of Sep..
just a gurl tat has her own identity with loads of thoughts as well as memories that can never be forgotten nor ignored.. someone with the passion to dance n just let loose once in a while, hoping for a miricle, a chance to shine thorough the darkness.. of course, i have people who lov me for who i am... loads of loving cousins, family n friends.. therfore, im blessed. nothin iz perfect, i don't deny. i don't ask for much, even though life can seem really unfair sometimes.. i am not hating it, but trying to lov everythin i have.. =)


wad will a 18 year old gurl desire for?
basically EVERYTHING she can get her hands on..
i want a life.
a hot body..
a million bucks..
experience snow..
owning a private beach..
owning a pair of Monolos..
to eat all the food i LOVE.
ppl to love me for who i m..
getting to know new people..
back-stabers to back off me..
a one way trip to Mauratious..
loads of prezzies on my b'day..
having all the clothes i adore..
a perfectly done medi, pedicure..
loads of cute guys for me to droll on..
a chance to dance in front of millions..
get to travel the WHOLE world backpacking..
a teen star falling head over heels with me..
an unlimited flow of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream..
a prada bag. *fendi iz oso an acceptable choice..
a decent job which doesn't involve child labour. *YeaSh*
owning a guy who pampers n LuRve me4 who im as my bf.. *wink*



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Sunday, November 12, 2006

my feet hurt. a lot.
i had ballet on fri n teacher gave us an hour on pointe.. n i left home wif toes full of blisters..
it was a torture when i bathed.. gosh.. it still iz..
even @ nite.. i can't sleep well coz the wounds r freakin painfull man.. haiz.. the worst part iz.......
when i got 2 my ballet class 2day (sat).. my teacher wanted us2 do pointe again.. can u actually IMAGINE the pain?? OMG.
it's lyk poking onto my flesh in every single dance step i took.. brr... S-C-A-R-Y.
i can't even wear my fav sneakers.. gotta stick2 filp-flops until im complety all rite.. haiz..
tat's dancing my friends.. if u think dancing's easy, think twice.

4those who don't noe whatz' pointe... check tis out...

Pointe shoes are a special type of shoe used by ballet dancers for pointework. They developed from the desire to appear weightless onstage and have evolved to allow extended periods of movement on the tips of the toes (en pointe). Dancers now use satin pointe shoes with a hard but pliable shank and a box made up of layers of canvas, hessian, paper and glue. Because the shoes are very hard when new, most dancers develop idiosyncratic methods to break in their pointe shoes, including pounding the shoes against cement, hitting them with blunt hammers, bending them on a door frame, or simply massaging the shoe with their hands. The need to break in pointe shoes is to maintain sufficient rigidity in the shoe to ensure support yet have the flexibility to allow fluent movement.The pointe shoe should be tight, with only a pinch of cloth at the heel when the pointe shoe is en pointe and two ribbons are wrapped around the dancer's ankle for support. These shoes can cause serious problems from technique issues to chronic injuries if not used properly.